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Clark Crew BBQ- Royal Rib Rub

Clark Crew BBQ- Royal Rib Rub

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Clark Crew BBQ is an Oklahoma based World Champion BBQ team that has won the prestigious American Royal Invitational, Jack Daniels World Championship, "Rib King" Rib Team of the Year, Brisket Team of the Year as well as over 700 Top 10 awards across the States. All this and the Clark Crew family run one of Oklahoma's best BBQ joints! 

The Clark Crew BBQ's Royal Rib Rub is the culmination of years of competition and catering experience, tantilising the taste buds of judges and BBQ lovers alike. 

Royal Rib Rub is a finely crafted blend of sugar, salt, chilli pepper, garlic, onion and chilli pepper with an earthy mesquite smoke undertone. MSG and gluten free, the Clark Crew BBQ Royal Rib Rub, while great on anything is an absolute winner on pork and ribs.

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