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Sassy Jo's Rhinestone Steak Shake comes to us from the two time female USA SCA cooker of the year Shawna Jo Roppolo. Shawna Jo's signature blend of seasonings are the perfect compliment to steak, and even burgers or anything you are looking to add that something special to.  This steak seasoning recipe has helped Shawna win multiple SCA contests and is definitely worth trying out at your next SCA competition or in your own backyard.

Shawna Jo has been cooking competitively in steak competitions since 2015 and her Sassy Jo Steak Shake is the original flavor profile she created when she started cooking.  Shawna has always loved flavor boldness, so when she created her signature rub, she made sure it had a bold flavor profile.  Shawna Jo spent many hours of R&D and encouragement from family and friends to  create the Steak Shake.  Steak Shake can be used alone or paired with many rubs on the market including all-purpose, SPGs and even most beef rubs.  It is labeled as a steak seasoning, but it pairs well on chicken, pork, veggies, fried fish and french fries! 

If you're looking  to add some bold new flavors to your spice collection and have amazing steak flavor combinations pair Sassy Jo with Pancho and Lefty's Texas Black SPG and Pancho and Lefty's Red River Beef Rub. 12.5oz shaker. 

Ingredients: Salt, Black Pepper, Paprika, Garlic, MSG, Chili Powder

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