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Flaps 20 - Moo Magic Steak Marinade

Flaps 20 - Moo Magic Steak Marinade

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Get ready to elevate your steak game with Moo Magic Marinade! This award-winning marinade has already made a name for itself in the SCA with 780+ top 10s and over 80 1st-place walks (Plus 2 Perfect Scores). And for good reason! This magical blend of big beef flavor, a hint of smoke, and the perfect mix of salt and spice flavors will take your meat to flavor town. Whether you're grilling up a juicy ribeye or BBQing some delicious ribs, Moo Magic is the easiest way to tenderize your steak without worrying about your texture. Simply mix ¼ cup with 10.5 – 16oz of liquid and marinate for up to an hour. Don't settle for boring steak - pick up the "Magic" and take your BBQ to the next level!

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