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Overview: Blaze Butchers paper. A Competition Level Blaze Butchers Paper.

Blaze Butcher's Paper is your culinary companion for the perfect barbecue experience. With a generous 175 feet of high-quality, 18-inch-wide roll, this paper is tailor-made to wrap your meat, providing a protective cocoon as it cooks or rests.

What sets it apart is its unique ability to control temperature and retain that mouthwatering bark on your meats. The breathable and porous nature of Blaze Butcher's Paper ensures that your culinary creations stay just right—moist on the inside, with a flavourful, smoky exterior.

Elevate your barbecue game by adding that extra touch of smokiness, thanks to the paper's capacity to allow additional smoke flavour to infuse your meats. Blaze Butcher's Paper is not just a tool; it's a secret ingredient for barbecue perfection.

  • 175ft length x 18inch roll
  • Control Temperature & Retain Bark
  • Breathable & Porous
  • Allows additional smoke flavour



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